How to use Juicer to get the most Juice

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved juices. I’m sure most of you love them as well. That’s why there are so many juice stands you will find wherever you might be since they are such popular drinks. For some, they are a means of easily consuming your share of nutrients and for some they are a delicious snack. However, instead of relying on juice stands for your healthy drinks. It’s far more convenient and cost effective to get your own personal juicer and have your drinks whenever you want at a far more economical price than what the juice stand will charge you for every glass. Although a juicer is a fairly simple tool, if you are new to juicing you need to know a few simple things regarding the use of a juicer. 

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Store it where it’s easily accessible:

Rather than storing it away in a closet where it will gather dust and you will even forget you own a juicer, keep it accessible on your kitchen counter so that you won’t resist taking it out and using it whenever you are in the mood for some fresh juice.

Wash it properly after each use:

Don’t let the remains of fruits and vegetables dry in the nooks and crannies of your juicer otherwise it will become very hard to clean. Your best option is to wash the juicer thoroughly right after you use it when the food is still wet. When you keep your juicer clean and free of food odors, you will be more inclined to use it frequently.

Choose the ingredients wisely:

Your juicer does not restrict you to juicing only fruits. You can also make vegetables juices and even combine different fruits and vegetables to create a unique flavor depending on what you like. However you need to consider the ingredients that you choose for juicing. Not all the fruits and vegetables will be juiced efficiently by the juicer. You might not get the best results when using bananas or peaches in your juicer. You can also use certain vegetable like carrots and greens in your juicer. Just be careful that the produce you use are fresh and not rotting otherwise it will ruin the taste of all the ingredients you add to it. To enhance the taste, you can also add a bit of honey, cinnamon, ginger or any other flavor you like.

Follow the instruction manual:

Once you have selected suitable ingredients for your drink, you will need to use the juicer to juice them. If this is the first time you are using it, you should read the instruction manual and follow all the instructions given in it carefully rather than using it on your own.

Once you have used your juicer, you will understand how easy it is and you will be using it every single day for fresh, homemade juices.

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6 Magical Ways to Use a Food Processor

A food processor is amongst those kitchen apparatuses which we keep aside for doing some boring tasks and never experiment doing some exciting things with them. It could do wonders when it is used to bring some magical taste in the dishes. Discussed below are some of the exciting uses of a food processor that can do wonders in your routine dishes:

Chopping Vegetables and Nuts:

This has been the most basic function offered by a food processor.  When making curry or other dishes why should you do the boring tedious job of cutting vegetables and nuts when your food processor is there to do it for you?  Save you hands from cutting and save your tears, use your food processor instead to cut the vegetables in the desired shape and thickness. Apart from chopping vegetables, the food processor can also process vegetables and make them in the form of a paste which could be used for curries, etc.

Preparing Baby Food:

Food Processors are the best kitchen gadgets when it comes to preparing baby food.  Whether it’s food or vegetable puree or soft mashes the food processor does everything quite well.  Moreover, depending on the age and the weaning stage of the baby, the baby food could be processed so that it best matches the needs of the baby. For babies who have just started weaning, the food could be prepared in the form of soft purees while for older babies, it could be semi processed with small chunks left behind for chewing.

Kneading Dough:

Dough kneading is yet another tedious task that a food processor can do it for you. Dough ranging from biscuit dough to bread dough could all be kneaded in the food processor.

Making Sauces:

If you have got your food processor just select your herbs and other ingredients and you have a plenty of homemade sauces at your disposal.  Food processors are capable of processing herbs and spices to sauces of the required consistency and thickness. In case you are looking to get the perfect model to purchase, i found best food processor reviews 2019 (Updated) helpful in making my decision.

Making Kebabs and Grinding Meat:

Food processors are capable of grinding meat and hence could be used for making meatballs, burger patties, and kebabs galore. Meat of all sorts could be grinded in the food processor.  The food processors could grind meat to the required degree and hence could save ample time and effort that would have been devoted in preparing these dishes.

Hence, food processors are like the unsung heroes of the kitchen which can perform several tedious and tough tasks.  They can add a magical touch to the dishes prepared in the kitchen while saving time and effort. Food processors are a great help when it comes to making baby foods, preparing sauces, chopping vegetables, kneading dough, making sauces and grinding meat.

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